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Here are the latest feeds and tips from @rich on working better:

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YOu can now activate for your vanity domain and have it go to your iCloud account and up to three other vanity domains see Apple  or just go to iCloud Custom Domain and this is really handy for my and other single use. Twitter feeds and email news letters for anyone engaged in AI, Well, since the…

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Paramount+ on Us: Subscription Included With Your Plan | T-Mobile

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Well this is for the commercial laden version of Paramount but it’s eight $60 fit the next year. So not bad when combined with the half off you get with Amex for three months. It’s a little annoying that unlike Netflix you don’t get a discount on premium. The commercial free version. I plan to…

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OK, this is more nerdy, but there are some not so used commands that are super useful all named g for Global or g for Go.

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The :g command and it’s reverse :v This Global command is quicker than the typical :s/old/new/g instead the syntax is [range]g/pattern/cmd which is way more general. For for instance, if you wanted deleted all the lines with with world “hello” in it, you type :g/hello/d And there is reVerse version so, :v/hello/d means delete all…

Finding a non-conglomerate audio/video maker

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In the same way that there is essentially just one mechanical watchmaker, one sunglasse maker and one optical company, there is an incredible concentration in the home theater maker. Like skis and other passion projects the key is to find an independent group that cares about the product. And not a gigantic conglomerate looking for…